BULK SMS MARKETING SOFTWARE 



                                                 PROFESSIONAL SMS MARKETING 








                                                            Sms Bulk Sender Automated Bulk Shipping 




                         Program for managing the sending and receiving of SMS Text Messages / SMS for Marketing

Send thousands of SMS easily from the computer connected to one or more cell phones or 3G modems quickly, organized and at a low cost.       




                         Send and Receive SMS messages from your customers and contacts in general via the computer 

                     How to use it: Install the program, then put the 3g modem I sent SMS to customers, simply and quickly





                 Convenience: Send and receive SMS from your computer, using your own 3g modem connected to your computer




                              3G Modems Supported by the Tested and Approved Program Following Models : 

Huawei EC321 data card and Huawei EC325 USB Modem, ZTE MC315 data card and ZTE MG880 USB Modem


               The Best Program To Easily Send Sms Via Cell Phone Connected By Computer Usb, Using 3G Sending SMS     



                                                                               Price: 50

                                                                  Note: Software Sms Vitalicio All Machines